( Plastic Raw Material )

Product Description


It is a substantially linear polymer produced by co-polymerization of ethylene with longer-chain ole fins and has significant numbers of short branches. Due to increasing applications in household products, packaging, automotive, and agriculture segments, the linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) market is anticipated to exhibit high growth. LLDPE has enhanced mechanical properties such as impact resistance and high tensile strength.




A number of grades of Linear low-density polyethylene serve a variety of applications such as pipes and conduits, sheets, wires and cables, Roto-molding,injection molding, blow molding and film manufacturing.


LLDPE is used in the production of films such as over wrap, heavy-duty bags, personal care film, lamination, heavy-duty sacks, stretch films, and agricultural films.These films are utilized in end-user industries such as toys, marine,housewares, automotive, construction, agriculture, and packaging.


The UV-stabilized grades are ideally suited for applications that require excellent dimensional control, minimal warping, retention of physical properties and color.

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