Column Pipes

( Plastic Pipes )

UPVC Column pipes are manufactured within theworld class Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2015.  UPVC Column Pipes are used for submersibleboring applications.

Product Range – 1” to 2”


  • Non- corrosive
  • High Impact & High Tensile strength
  • Smooth Thread
  • Special Coupler Lock with Self Lock
  • Easy Installation
  •  Adjustable according to the depth of water level


  • High tensile strength and high pressure rating
  • Excellent pull out strength
  • Pipe & Coupler having square thread for excellent mechanical properties and easy in assembly and disassembly
  • One side Pipe & Coupler having special thread locking for preventing thread slippage during assembly and disassembly with load of submersible pump and pipe
  • High tensile strength of Pipe Coupler locking so lock safety is 100
  • Low friction losses due to excellent smooth internal surface
  • Resistant to chemical reaction, bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting etc

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