UPVC Casing Pipes

( Plastic Pipes )

PVC Casing pipes are designed as per IS:12818-2010. UPVC casing pipes are suitable for Tube well and bore wellapplications which ensure better flow of water and low frictional loss. 

Product Range

up to 200 mm in CM & CS 


Domestic, Industrial & Agriculture Tube well and Bore well etc. 


  • Suitable for all type of soil
  • Maintenance free due to pipes are free from corrosion and resistant to chemical reaction and biological formation
  • Easy installation/joining because pipes having high precision trapezoidal threads and light in weight
  • Strong and Durable because using advance technology during manufacturing with special raw materials
  • Power consumption reduces due to pipes having smooth internal surface which reduce friction loss
  • Resistant to chemicals reaction, bacterial growth, corrosion, Rusting etc
  • Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of CPVC Plumbing System for Hot & Cold Water

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