PVC Compounding Mixer Cooler & Mixer Parts

( Plastic Engineering Machinery )

Product Details

Capacity (kg)                40                                Vessel Capacity (Ltr)     130

Product Description:

These machines offer the processors High Speed Mixer is a Mixing vessel with special double wall jacketed construction with inside chamber of SS plate. Labyrinth construction of vessel and blade and hardened and chrome plated special Alloy Steel Blades ensure longer life of the mixer cooler. Water circulation arrangement is provided for faster cooling of PVC compounds and increased cooling surface. An AC Frequency Drive avoids sudden jerk creation, protects for short circuit and overload and is maintenance free. A Weighing and Batch Conveying System enables better mixing of resin, CaCo3 and additives in correct proportion.

Features & Benefits:

Fully Automated Material Feeding Conveying System

Better Mixing Economics with Great Quality

Less material wastage

Less labor cost.

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