Air Cooled Water Chiller System

( Plastic Engineering Machinery )

An air-cooling system assures the stable supply of cold water. The system functions well in commercial applications such as the cooling of production process lines in manufacturing plants, as well as in air conditioning.Hitachi's A-Series Air cooled chillers comes with Eco-friendly R- 407c refrigerant able to delivery excellent performance at high ambient temperature condition.




  • High Performance Screw Compressor   
  • Continuous Capacity Control     
  • Simple Structure and High Technology by in-house manufacturing          
  • Modular System           
  • Safety Devices Equipped as Standard  
  • Cyclone oil separator    
  • Heat recovery   
  • High Ambient Type       




  • Energy Saving with High Efficiency
  • Precise Capacity Control & better part load achievement
  • High reliability
  • Easy Maintenance and Better Redundancy
  • Protect the unit from abnormal operation for longer life span
  • Very less oil carry over to compressor
  • Free of cost Hot water generation
  • Works up to 50° C Ambient

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