Mobile Drum Mix Plant

( Road Construction Machinery )

Product Description


We offer mobile drum mix plants, compliant to the latest M.O.R.T.H. (previously known as M.O.S.T.) specifications, are designed and engineered to give trouble-free performance with superior fuel efficiency. Our pursuance to offer our customers the best and constant up-gradation of products today showcases exceptional and unmatched product refinement in our asphalt plants.


Our MDM (Mobile) series offers customers the industry's finest & proven technical solution, latest generation process controls and automation together with total installation and site support, aimed to deliver precisely mixed quality asphalt – productively and profitably. Our design team facilitates custom built asphalt plants to meet specific site demands and requirements.Available in capacities ranging from 20 to 120 TPH output in different models.


 Model               MDM 25            MDM 45            MDM50            MDM 60

Capacity           20- 30 TPH       40 - 60 TPH       60 - 90 TPH       90 - 120 TPH


Product Details


Power                           50 kW

Voltage                         380V

Temperature                 120-165 degree C

Frequency                     50 Hz

Drum Revolution           16RPM

Capacity                        40-60TPH

Automation Grade         Automatic

Burner Type                  Oil fired

Model/Type                   60MF

Application                    Asphalt Road Construction





Excellent Mixing Performance

Design Copyright Product

Compact Design

Easy To Operate

Sturdy Robust

Meet Customers Demand

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